Komak Resan Iran sos

bime komak resan

Komak Resan Iran sos komakresan iran iranassistance اس اواس komak resan accident insurance کمک رسان medical assistance اس او اس خانواده legal consultancy sos کمک رسان ایران health services

خدمات کمک رسان ایران

Health services and medical assistance (family plan)

> Boarding access to services
> Provision of hospital treatment costs up to 700 million riyals
> Delivery and funding of up to 30 million rials
> Para costs up to 20 million riyals *
> Hospital emergency funding of up to 3,000,000 rials
> Chemotherapy cost up to 200 million rials
> Laser resurfacing and physiotherapy costs up to 3,500,000 rials
> Provide accident insurance of up to 250 million riyals
> Daily compensation for hospitalization up to 3,500,000 rials (per night hospitalization)
> Medical organize overland transport across the country
> Air medical transport
> Medical services at home
> Legal Consultancy
> Computer assistance
> Preparation and rare drug delivery
> Meet the cost of treatment abroad
> Obtaining a medical second opinion
> Monitor treatment
> Medical advice
> Accident insurance

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کمک رسان ایران اس او اس sos

کمک رسان ایران
کمک رسان ایران sos

bime komak resan

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